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Join me as I discuss diverse topics associated with sustainable living, off grid living, and share some of my hilarious and sometimes incredible adventures.

My first goal is to make you realize that you can have a wonderful sustainable life that is adventurous, enjoyable, challenging, and rewarding.

My second goal is to make you question why you live the way you do now and to make you realize that you can control most of your own resources.

Please enjoy all that this podcast has to offer!


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First We Installed Renewable Energy

Believe it or not, I lived without electricity for over 10 years. Solar installation completely changed the way I lived.

Then we added the barn for chickens and turkeys.

We typically have 20 to 30 birds at once. They provide a sustainable source of meat and eggs.

Then we added the 600 sq. ft.  greenhouse.

Now we grow a lot of our own vegetables, even at 10,000 ft elevation.

To have a sustainble life........

Take one small step at a time. After 20 years I am still learning. But, this is not something I just talk about. It is how I live every day!!

Adventures in Sustainable Living Podcast

The world we live in is not going to change over night. But you can decide to live sustainably. Learn more by enjoying my podcast.

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