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This is an online resource that is dedicated to providing all of the necessary tools, instruction, and training that are needed to give you the confidence and skills to live a simple, sustainable, self-reliant lifestyle. And go off-grid is that is what you want. 

There are 100s of blog posts and over 150 podcast episodes.  Enjoy!

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Want to live in a cabin?

Learn how I built this cabin from the ground up with virtually no experience.

Learn how to grow your own food

Building a 600 square foot green house at 10,000 ft elevation was not easy. But now we grow many of our own vegetables.

Learn how to raise your own meat

Be in more control of your food supply by raising your own meat. Excluding the cat of course!

Renewable Energy

Learn the different options for renewable energy and never pay another utility bill.

Sustainable Living

And most importantly, learn how to live in a sustainable, environmentally friendly manner that preserves our valuable natural resource.

But, I don't want to live off the grid!!

As long as someone else is in control of your resources, they are in control of your life. Even if you want to live in the city, learn how to manage many of your own resources.

Welcome to Off Grid Living News

Allow me to present a brief introduction to what we are all about.......... Go off grid. Live well. Be sustainable.


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