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Real transformation takes time. But sustainable living is easier than you think. Join me each week and learn how to manage many of your own resources and find the personal freedom that so many people look for and never seem to find.  If you listen to the Adventures in Sustainable Living Podcast,  you’ll receive:

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What people are saying about the podcast.....

Annette B. 

Founder of Ascent Yoga


As a yoga instructor I focus on helping people develop a healthy lifestyle. Listening to all the tips from Patrick's podcast helps me to take that one step further. 

Susan H. 

Founder of Mental Fitness Institute


Beyond being a psychologist, gardening and sustainability are my other passions. I immediately fell in love with this podcast. The tips and weekly updates are invaluable to leading a balanced sustainable life.  

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A lifetime of sustainable habits is what will save our planet.  The path to a sustainable life does not have to be difficult. Just take one step at a time. And this is a good place to start. 

Patrick Keith
Founder of Off Grid Living News and Adventures in Sustainable Living Podcast

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