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This is an online resource dedicated to providing you will all the tools, instruction, and training that are needed to give you the confidence and skills to live a simple, sustainable, self-reliant lifestyle. 

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Raise Your Own Meat

Raising your own meat is not only sustainable but also a much healthier option.

Learn to Grow Your Own Food

Building a 600 square foot greenhouse at 10,000 feet was not easy. But now we grow many of our own vegetables. 

Manage Many of Your Own Resources

Renewable energy is one of the safest ways to be in control of your own resources. 

Off Grid Living

Not many people live off the grid. But if that is something you dream about then I can guide you through that process based on 25 years of being off grid full time. 

Sustainable Living Is the Best Way to Secure a Productive Future

We now live in a world that is changing so rapidly that it is difficult  to feel some sense of security. Learn how to live sustainably and build a lifestyle that nurtures what you love and value.  

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Learn to Manage Many of Your Own Resources

As long as someone else is in control of your resources they are in fact in control of your life. You can easily change that by learning to live a simple, sustainable life full of personal freedom. 

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