How I Built the Log Cabin


When I was growing up in Georgia and Tennessee I spent an enormous amount of time on the farm, hiking, camping, and wondering through the forest. As with most kids, I also spent a lot of time day dreaming about all the things I wanted to do.  

The main thing I dreamed about was building a log cabin and living out in the forest in the middle of nature.  Not only did I dream about the log cabin, I also read books on different building methods. I took this a step further by learning the different corner notches that were common for log cabin construction.  As if that was not enough, I gather sticks and small logs and built miniature versions of a log cabin. I also practice building small stone fireplaces our of gravel and mud, dried them, this built a small fire to test their function.  

When I turned 18 I moved to Colorado still dreaming of the log cabin.  I managed to purchase a small cabin by the time I was 22 years old.  It was not exactly what I wanted but it was a start.  Some years later I sold that place and moved to northern Colorado to complete my education.

One year out of school, with the help of a close friend, I found the property of my dreams. It was 46 acres that backed up to the National Forest. My backyard was literally hundreds of thousands of acres. After my land purchase, I was so poor I could not afford to pay rent and pay the land mortgage.  I truly had not choice but to figure out a way to live on the property.

Finally, I started construction on the log cabin.  Initially everyone around me, as well as everyone in my family, thought I had lost my mind.  But, I was determined to build this cabin.  I truly had several years of hard living ahead of me. But I was committed to this idea.

I hope you enjoy this video presentation.  I also hope it inspires you to go off grid and build your own.

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Go off grid and live well,


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