14 Ways to Cook Without Using Your Kitchen Stove

Imagine a scenario where a major storm comes through your area and the utility grid is non-functional for days to weeks. Numerous trees are down and blocking the road. It is impossible to make it to a supermarket. In fact, you cannot even make it out of your driveway.  

How do you think you would manage?

Some people relish the idea of going off grid. Others would never even think about it.  However, when a major storm rolls through your area and cuts off all basic utilities, you are now off grid whether you like it or not. 

Learn From My Experience of Cooking Without My Stove

I have experienced such a scenario multiple times in my life. This is because I’ve lived in several areas that are prone to severe weather.  But, because I was prepared for such events, being off grid was only a minor inconvenience. Each time it was similar to having a camping trip except for the fact that I was still at home.  It was good practice for what I call “camp...

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Off Grid Cookware: What are Your Options

off grid cooking recipes Nov 10, 2020

Those that are homesteaders and/or living off the grid know that this type of lifestyle is about getting back to the basics.  Life is centered around frugality and self reliance.  Everything on the homestead must have a purpose, if not several different functions, or it is in the way.  The same is true for off grid cookware.  

When you think about it, off grid cookware has to stand up to high heat and a variety of cooking methods.  At any given time you may be cooking over an open fire, on a wood stove, a grill, propane stove, rocket or backpacking stove, a camp stove, or even in a hot box. Just like anything else, having the right equipment for the job makes all the difference in the world. The same is true for cooking.  During the time I’ve lived off the grid, I’ve experimented with cooking in numerous ways. The end result is that I’ve found several types of off grid cookware that have stood the test of time. 

Cast iron cookware...

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