How to Start an Egg Business

money matters Nov 10, 2020

Working toward a sustainable lifestyle is an intricate part of having a homestead. An important part of that sustainability is to produce and manage your own food supply and too effectively manage your income. If you are actively working your homestead then why not use it as a source of income? One easy way to do that is to start an egg business.

One of the best parts of getting started with poultry is that it is easy, inexpensive, and there is a short learning curve. There are a number of different ways to make money with poultry. However, starting an egg business is one of the easiest.  An egg business is easy to mange logistically, financially, and legally. It is also extremely easy to start on a small scale.

Starting an Egg Business

Due to increased awareness of the health benefits of consuming farm fresh eggs, the market for these eggs continues to grow. According to the American Egg Board (AEB) the per capita consumption of eggs in the United States was 279 in 2017. And...

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Making Money on the Homestead: How to Write a Small Farm Business Plan

money matters Nov 10, 2020

Despite your desire to be self sufficient, or perhaps get outside the city, if the money is not there you cannot survive. This is why financial matters must be squared away before you run off to the hills and forsake city life.  But the good news is that there are numerous ways to generate money from the homestead. But like anything else, there needs to be some forethought and planning. It is not that difficult to establish a small business and generate some income.  However, one of the most frequent things that is overlooked is simply having a solid business plan.  At a minimum, it will at least put some sort of structure to your plan to make money on the homestead.

Making money from the homestead can be as simple as producing a few products and selling them at the local farmers market.  Or you can develop a small business that ends up funding most if not all of your lifestyle. No matter what the scale of your business ends up being, it is best to have a plan in...

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58 Ways to Make Money on the Homestead

money matters Nov 10, 2020
Many people have the desire to get away from the rat race of society. Along with that desire, many people also want to  live a more calm and peaceful life and perhaps have a homestead. Despite that desire, you still have to have a way to earn a living. Fortunately, modern technology provides us with many ways to work remotely. Additionally, there are also many ways to make money on the homestead. The focus of this post is how to make money on the homestead and be self employed. There is a lot of material here so I have provided clickable links so you can view the material that is of more interest to your personal situation.


Table of Contents:

3) ADVANTAGES to being self employed
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How to Live Debt Free

We live in a culture of consumerism that keeps us spending money. Advertising is bent on convincing us that buying things will make us a better, happier,  healthier person. If you can’t afford it, buy now, pay later. There never seems to be any talk about actually living debt free. In fact, we are constantly pushed in the opposite direction. 

Many of us perhaps start out our adults lives with heavy student loan debt. We add to that debt by taking out a mortgage in order to have our own place.  We then upsize to accommodate a growing family and purchase a new vehicle as well.  As life would have it, along comes the unexpected expenses that have to go on a credit card. The end result is that a high percentage of us enslave ourselves to deep personal debt. We then work endless hours to support that type of lifestyle. 

Years down the road we realize we are living under a crushing load of debt. We start to think we are going to spend the rest of our...

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The Importance of Simplifying Your Life

Take a good look at your lifestyle.  I think it is safe to say that most of us live under such a cloud clutter that we have long forgotten what it is like to live a simple life. In fact, we are so far down that path that we no longer even think about simplifying our life. 

There are also many things that clutter our lives and yet produce no value. Our homes are cluttered with possessions. Our business lives are cluttered with busy work and meetings. Our personal time is cluttered with endless emails, voicemails, text messages, and phone calls. Furthermore, our personal and family lives are cluttered with an endless list of obligations. To make matters even more stressful, our financial lives are buried under a crushing load of debt.

There are so many things in our lives that cost us money every month and yet do not truly enrich us. Most people never even realize how much this clutter and the long list of meaningless obligations eats away our time and our back...

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Why the 30 Year Mortgage Is Not Your Friend

money matters Nov 05, 2020

In today’s culture, borrowing money seems to be a way of life. It is the only way most of us obtain those “big ticket” items. In fact, many of us could not fathom how our lives would function if we were not able to finance our lives.  So we borrow money, make payments with interest, pay off the loan and thus establish a sound financial history. But what is this was not necessary? What if we could just have a simply life without complication? What if simplicity was the norm? 

A good credit history serves us well down the road when we want to purchase other more expensive items especially real estate. Mortgage loans thus make it feasible for the common person to purchase a home or land so that we may “have our own place”.
Such practices are so common place in our culture that we take it for granted. After all, it is these types of financial practices, the ability to buy now and pay later, that make so many things available to us in life. However,...

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