DIY Heated Chicken Waterer

homestead tips Jan 12, 2021

If you have a working homestead, then you know the value and importance in saving money. This not only applies to your household but also to the animals that provide you with food. In this post, I reveal a simple way to save money by making a heated chicken waterer.

What prompted me to work on this project was my frustration over having to replace my plastic watering devices. Since I live in a colder climate, the plastic waterers were cracking and breaking on a regular basis.  I've had to replaced the heated model twice in the last year. 

First I decided to go with a metal farm style watering fountain. Replacement cost for two of these was about $42. But, the heated base ranged in cost from $50 to $60. Not to mention the fact that they consumed about 125 watts per hour x 2.

The end result is that I needed to find an alternative. I needed something that was inexpensive, durable, and easily replaced.  I purchase the metal watering fountains and after some research I...

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