20 Benefits of DIY

essential skills Nov 04, 2020

Since I purchased my cabin property 20 years ago, I’ve learned many new skills. This is not only because I wanted to learn how to do things myself but also because it saved me a tremendous amount of money. I can proudly say that I have managed to complete roughly 90% of the projects on my property completely by myself. Consequently, I have learned from first hand experience the many benefits to DIY.

If you are not accustomed to doing things yourself, I would recommend starting with very simple projects until you are comfortable with your new skills. Plenty of home improvements stores offer workshops and short demonstrations on how to complete various projects. Additionally, you can find most anything on what I call “YouTube University”.

Continue reading to learn the 20 benefits to DIY.  You will also get to see me in the progress of completing a nice deck on the back of the cabin.

1) Learning new skills gives you more personal freedom.

Learning to do something...

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