Living Off the Grid: What Does It Mean?

Living off the grid seems to be something that I hear a lot about these days.  Apparently it is gaining momentum. The number of people living off the grid is increasing. Additionally, the number of people that want to be living off the grid seems to be growing as well.  

But everyone seems to have their own impression of what that is and what it means.  This is even noticeable in threads of conversation in social media groups.  It is obvious that everyone interested in living off the grid has their own opinion. 

So, what does it mean to live off the grid.  Let’s start by defining, in the context of our modern culture, what is meant by “the grid”. 


What is “the grid”? 

Start by thinking in general terms about the definition of a grid. Now I realize that can mean many different thing in relation  to science, mathematics, utilities, or social structure.  But, what I am referring to in...

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Master the Off-Grid Mindset

personal lifestyle Nov 09, 2020

In a previous post titled The Off Grid Mindset  I pointed out a fundamental principle related to being self sufficient. First and foremost you have to accept that you are ultimately responsible for everything that you choose to do and everything that you choose not to do.

But, why do more people not have this mind-set? What does it take to actually master the off-grid mindset?


My Personal Observations


Many articles, websites, and other resources I’ve reviewed often malign the cost of going off the grid, the legalities, the physical difficulty, and numerous other reasons as to why few people actually do it.

Furthermore, in some social media groups that I monitor, I often see people asking such questions as “How do I set up a solar electric system?” or “How do I actually live off the grid?”.

When I read things such as this, the first thing I think is that many people in our culture like to skip over the learning curve and go...

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Wind Energy Systems: the Pros and Cons

Renewable energy systems have many advantages and disadvantages.  There are substantial differences between solar, wind, and micro-hydro. Therefore, this is something worth investigating before you make a substantial financial investment.  Then you can decide on which system is right for your situation.  Consequently, educating yourself is imperative.  This particular post will cover the pros and cons of wind energy systems.  


Pros of Wind Energy Systems


1. Clean renewable energy source

Global warming emissions trap heat and are steadily driving up Earth’s atmospheric temperature. Electricity production in the United States accounts for about one-third of the country’s emissions. In contrast, renewable energy sources generate little to no global warming emissions.

Wind energy systems are clean. Harnessing this type of energy does not produce any harmful by products.

2. Inexhaustible energy supply

If designed and used correctly,...

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Is Wind Energy Right for You?

More and more people are realizing that renewable energy is the way of the future.  But few people clearly understand what its all about and how to make the right choice for their personal situation.  If you are considering wind energy as part of your strategy, there are a few important things you need to consider in order to determine if wind energy is right for you.


What is Wind Energy and How Does It Work?


When wind currents blow past a turbine, the blades capture this “kinetic” energy and begin to turn or rotate. This rotation drives an internal shaft that is connected to a gear box. The gear box increases the speed of rotation about 100 times. This increase in rotation spins a generator that produces electricity.


Three Major Types of Wind Energy


-Utility scale: These wind turbines generate greater than 100 kilowatts of electricity. The energy is delivered to the power grid and distributed by utility companies and eventually to...

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What Makes a Good Solar Site

Despite the many advantages of solar energy, first and foremost, the initial question to be answered is whether solar is truly practical for your particular situation. If you decide it is a practical choice, the second question is whether or not your site is suitable for solar energy production. Consequently,  you need to know what makes a good solar site.

Solar energy is quite versatile. Panels can in fact be installed practically anywhere. However, the simple fact is that some situations are more practical than others and some sites are more suitable than others. Consequently, before deciding to invest in this type of renewable energy,  these two questions must be answered.


Why Location Makes a Difference


The location of the installation directly affects the total sun hours. This is the amount of time the panels are exposed to sun light. Total sun  hours directly affects energy production. The amount of energy production directly effects cost savings...

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23 Reasons to Choose Solar Power

Deciding whether or not to invest in renewable energy can be challenging and even overwhelming. Often the up-front capital investment is intimidating. Additionally, most organizations are just interested in selling you an expensive package. It can also be challenging to find someone willing to simply give you the straight facts. But as you will see, there are numerous reasons to choose solar power.

Solar power and the related technologies have proven efficiencies. Using solar power also has tremendous environmental benefits. You will often see a return on your investment in a short period of time.

This informational article will explain some of the tremendous benefits of renewable energy. In particular I will discuss the 23 reasons to choose solar power.

Perhaps I will even convince you to take the next step and go solar.



-Covering only 4% of the world’s desert areas with photovoltaic could supply enough electricity for the...

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Guide to Smoking Meat

Smoking meat has been a means of food preservation for thousands of years. It is especially useful if you live off the grid. However, it is also a means to prepare some excellent food and step out way beyond the basics of grilling. Yet many people are intimated by the thought of smoking meat and never even attempt to learn this art.

This guide to smoking meat is designed to not only teach you the basics but also give you some fantastic pointers on how to purchase your first smoker. But in the event you are limited on funds, this post will also give you what you need to turn your grill into a smoker.  

In other related posts, you will also learn the basics of Cold Smoking meat as well as a guide to purchasing your first smoker.  But for now,  let’s start out with the basics.


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The Best Reasons to Live Off the Grid

Ask 20 different people why they chose to live off the grid and mostly likely you will get 20 different answers. This is because living off the grid means different things to different people. The reasons people choose to live off the grid are as varied as the people that make this choice. In many ways, your rationale and your personal goals for choosing this option will be a deciding factor in the type of off-grid lifestyle you develop.

Although some of the best experiences in life are the result of a spontaneous decision, the choice to live off the grid should not be one of those times. This lifestyle should not be approached with a cavalier attitude. In this particular situation, that kind of quick decision making has the potential of producing a lot of hardship and frustration. However, with a little forethought and planning, living off the grid is something anyone can achieve.

There are many, many reasons to live off the grid. The following discussion is by no means an...

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Building An Emergency Kit, an Important Part of Self Sufficiency

Why Build an Emergency Kit?

Self sufficiency and being prepared for emergencies go hand in hand. Since emergency situations can easily result in days of inconvenience or may result in you having to leave your home, it should be part of your overall strategy to build an emergency kit. This is important whether you live in an isolated area, which I do, or you live in suburbia. It is  important to prepare for every contingency and that is why I keep an emergency kit on hand.

When emergencies occur,  you may have to do without electricity, water, telephone, and easy access to a grocery store. Local resources will become strained very quickly. Consequently, one of the best things you can do to assist first responders, as well as your community, is to have the ability to be self sufficient.  It is important to understand that when these types of situations arise, resources may not be able to reach you for a variety of reasons. Therefore, you need to have certain things on...

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The Quick Run Down on Backyard Farm Animals

Keeping backyard farm animals is an important part of the process of producing your own food. This goes hand-in-hand with gardening, hunting and fishing. By incorporating all three methods of food production, you can achieve a significant level of self sufficiency.

A surprising number of municipalities allow small backyard farm animals within city limits. More and more municipalities are starting to relax their regulations.  If you live in an urban area it is important to check your local ordinances. You may be pleasantly surprised to find out what you are allowed to have. Be sure to ask if there are any limitations. For example, you may be allowed to have chickens but not a rooster.

Be sure to choose backyard farm animals that are tolerant to your local climate. And just as importantly, choose animals according to the purpose you have in mind, such as meat versus milk production.

As with most animals, good husbandry is key. This means providing shelter against adverse...

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