Living Off Grid: Four Realistic Options

It seems that in recent years there is an increased interest in living off grid. Although a lot of people think about this type of lifestyle, most never take the first step. Perhaps this is due to most people either not knowing where to start or what their options may be.  In this article, I discuss four realistic options for living off grid. The possibilities are endless and it truly depends on how far you want to stretch your comfort level. 

Four Realistic Options for Living Off Grid

Off-Grid Ready

What I have discovered is that there are many more people comfortable with what I call being “off-grid ready” as opposed to living off grid and being completely independent.  

Being “off-grid ready” simply means being prepared for when the grid goes down for days to weeks.  We have all heard numerous news accounts of when a major storm takes down the grid and many people are forced to live off grid without choice, albeit temporary.  


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Building an Off Grid Home. What are the Major Concerns?

More and more people these days are thinking about living off the grid. If you are one of those, you have do doubt spent some time day dreaming about having the perfect piece of property with a cabin in the middle of the forest. Other than finding land to purchase for the homestead, perhaps the next biggest decision is what type of off grid home to build. There are a number of things that will effect this decision. Consequently, before reaching for your tools or your wallet, consider the following factors before building your off grid home.  


Important Considerations Before Building an Off Grid Home   


If you have  plenty of money available, then perhaps your options for building an off grid home are limitless.  Paying cash for something may not be a problem. This is of course the best way to make sure you have limited debt or you stay completely out of debt.  However, the average person cannot pay cash for a home....

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How to Maintain a Safe Water Supply

Because water is a basic need you simply cannot live without, maintaining a safe water supply is essential. It is one of the most important elements for being self sufficient. Most healthy adults can survive about three to four weeks without food. However, you can only last 3 to 4 days without water.

Besides, in order to be properly prepared for an emergency situation, you must always have access to a safe water supply.  For example,  during a major flood event, well water, rivers, streams, lakes and ponds can become contaminated. That contamination can be in the form of chemicals, human sewage, livestock waste, as well as many other potential toxins. Consequently, best practice dictates being completely independent of any sort of infrastructure.

Furthermore, even if you are connected to the public infrastructure, this is no guarantee of a safe water supply.  The reason is that during a natural disaster it is common for the public infrastructure to be...

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How to Start Your Food Storage Plan

It just makes sense to have extra groceries around the house. Those extra supplies will be useful in the event of a disaster or any other unexpected events that just seem to be a part of life.  Consequently, it is important have a food storage plan. Besides, it is an easy first step toward self reliance and becomes especially valuable in an emergency situation.

I grew up with two working farms in the family. We always had a large walk-in closet that was well stocked with home canned goods, extra dry goods, and other basic supplies. This was a normal part of being self sufficient.  In my opinion, it is similar to having an insurance policy.

In our modern age most people have either lost the desire or simply do not even see the need to have a food storage plan.  However, such a plan is one of the most basic and easy steps toward self reliance.  Simply consider what happens to millions of people every time there is a...

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How to Improve Your Homestead Skills

essential skills Nov 10, 2020

Many people that I’ve met that live a self sufficient lifestyle are motivated, flexible, self-starters. They are hardy do-it-yourself types, critical thinkers, and problem solvers.  This is because being able to manage your own resources and provide most of your daily needs actually requires a considerable amount of skill and knowledge. Perhaps this is one of the things that intimidates most people and holds them back from starting this type of lifestyle.  Fortunately, there are several options to improve your homestead skills.  That is the focus of this post.     

What if you had to build you own house? Provide your own electricity? Repair your roof? Build a shed? Install your own water purification system? Grow your own vegetables? Provide your own source of meat? What if you had an important project to complete,hiring someone was not an option, and you had no idea where to start? Could you figure it out? 

If you are not accustomed to this...

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10 Ways to Test Drive the Off Grid Life Before You Commit

Just like anything else, many people talk about the off grid life and being self sufficient but never actually do anything about it.  Perhaps this is related to fearfulness or lack of knowledge. Most likely it is also related to not knowing where to start and the uncertainty of whether or not it is the right decision. 

Growing up with two working farms in the family certainly taught me a lot about self sufficiency. I truly was not something we talked about. It was simply the way we lived.  Despite my childhood experiences, nothing really prepared me for living completely off the grid. I committed to the idea and just did it without any forethought or planning.  This is more that most people would do.  So, if you are uncertain about this lifestyle then you should appreciate this discussion about ways to test drive the off grid life before you commit.

Living off the grid and being self sufficient is certainly a deviation from mainstream society....

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The People Who Live Off the Grid

In other posts I have talked briefly about finding other people that live off the grid and forming friendships with them. Interactions with these folks can be helpful in order to get an idea if off grid living is really for you and your family.  But, you may be asking “Who are the people that live off the grid?”

I have also discussed looking at your personal relationships and making certain that your partner is in agreement about living off the grid. This type of lifestyle is not for everyone so you absolutely need to be in agreement concerning this matter.  Make sure that everyone involved truly wants to live off the grid. 

That being said, let’s take a look at the type of people who actually  live off the grid.


The People Who Live Off the Grid


Many people who live off the grid tend to like their privacy. This of course makes it difficult to gather a lot of information concerning specific demographics.  However, by doing...

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Living Off the Grid: What Does It Mean?

Living off the grid seems to be something that I hear a lot about these days.  Apparently it is gaining momentum. The number of people living off the grid is increasing. Additionally, the number of people that want to be living off the grid seems to be growing as well.  

But everyone seems to have their own impression of what that is and what it means.  This is even noticeable in threads of conversation in social media groups.  It is obvious that everyone interested in living off the grid has their own opinion. 

So, what does it mean to live off the grid.  Let’s start by defining, in the context of our modern culture, what is meant by “the grid”. 


What is “the grid”? 

Start by thinking in general terms about the definition of a grid. Now I realize that can mean many different thing in relation  to science, mathematics, utilities, or social structure.  But, what I am referring to in...

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Master the Off-Grid Mindset

personal lifestyle Nov 09, 2020

In a previous post titled The Off Grid Mindset  I pointed out a fundamental principle related to being self sufficient. First and foremost you have to accept that you are ultimately responsible for everything that you choose to do and everything that you choose not to do.

But, why do more people not have this mind-set? What does it take to actually master the off-grid mindset?


My Personal Observations


Many articles, websites, and other resources I’ve reviewed often malign the cost of going off the grid, the legalities, the physical difficulty, and numerous other reasons as to why few people actually do it.

Furthermore, in some social media groups that I monitor, I often see people asking such questions as “How do I set up a solar electric system?” or “How do I actually live off the grid?”.

When I read things such as this, the first thing I think is that many people in our culture like to skip over the learning curve and go...

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Wind Energy Systems: the Pros and Cons

Renewable energy systems have many advantages and disadvantages.  There are substantial differences between solar, wind, and micro-hydro. Therefore, this is something worth investigating before you make a substantial financial investment.  Then you can decide on which system is right for your situation.  Consequently, educating yourself is imperative.  This particular post will cover the pros and cons of wind energy systems.  


Pros of Wind Energy Systems


1. Clean renewable energy source

Global warming emissions trap heat and are steadily driving up Earth’s atmospheric temperature. Electricity production in the United States accounts for about one-third of the country’s emissions. In contrast, renewable energy sources generate little to no global warming emissions.

Wind energy systems are clean. Harnessing this type of energy does not produce any harmful by products.

2. Inexhaustible energy supply

If designed and used correctly,...

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